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گروه : کیس لوجیک (case logic)

کیس نرم،چاپ دورو،ماندگاری مادام العمر،همراه با هدست

کیس به همراه ایر فونهای رنگی

ماندگاری دائمی رنگها

چاپ رنگ با تکنولوژیIMD

ضد خش

برقراری تماس با زدن یک دکمه


Colorful earphones and Color IMD polycarbonate matching case

Anti-scratch, high-gloss, durable color coating

Extremely thin, form-fitting hard-shell protection

Sweat-proof earphones included

One-touch call / mic controller



The COLOR X BEAT case and earphone twin pack gives your iPhone 5 a trendy look. The case is manufactured by IMD (In-Mold Deco) technology in which the coloring and patterns are sealed inside the case and never drop off. Accompanied with a colorful earphone, when you want to answer a call, or play music, just a click on the earphone control and everything can be done


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